menginovasi SBM ITB via SCAMPER

apa itu scamper?

mungkin diantara temen-temen ada yang belum pernah dengar SCAMPER sebelumnya.
Jadi, inilah SCAMPER itu dan fungsinya dalam menginovasi SBM ITB:

Substitute : Change the learning system from in class method to online class method

Combine : Lecturers use skype in order for students to be able to see and consul with him anywhere. Thus, making the learning system more flexible

Adapt : Rooftop and parking lot to be used as science and technology center

Modify : The library will be modified to be more fun and flexible. It will be used as an interactive place where students can use it as students lounge, cafeteria and also to study

Put to other uses : SBM campus will not merely be a place where students study only, but also a recreational place

Eliminate : Students are not obliged to come to class since they can learn from home

Rearrange : Switch the purpose of SBM ITB from a campus to an interactive and fun learning center


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